Attention small business owners - get in while this pricing is available
Join 30+ other members in the success club for small business owners
Turn your digital presence into your #1 marketing asset, to reach more ideal customers effortlessly
Leverage your online presence and build an effective marketing strategy to actually grow your small business' visibility so you can stop hustling on social media every day and worrying about where your next leads & customers will come from. 

For Only $7/MONTH

Most marketers charge anywhere from $97 to $497 per month for this kind of value.
But I have decided to create one every business owner can afford.
Here is what you've been told to do when trying to get more eyeballs on your website and business…
  • Post on social media every day (and now you're on a content hamster wheel)
  • Boost Facebook posts (but it hasn't worked, or you don't know where to start) 
  • "Network" with other business owners (but they aren't sending you customers)
  • ​Build a website yourself (But you're not a designer and don't have the time)
  • ​​Put your recent work on your website (but it's not bringing you customers and you don't know why)
  • ​​Post in local Facebook groups (but you can't build a reliable lead flow from local networking)
  • ​​Pay for expensive ads (but you don't know who to trust and can't afford top talent)
  • ​Advertise in the Yellowpages (but those forms of marketing are dead)
Isn't this exhausting?
When are you going to have the growth you imagined for your business?

Or you could master your online foundations to build digital marketing assets that make you amazing and get you found by new ideal customers consistently and effortlessly

Here is what happens when you do that...
  • Your website gets in front of new customers who already want your services without hustling on social media
  • ​You start to attract high-quality leads that are an amazing fit for you - clients who were already looking for you
  • You're able to focus and give your clients stellar service 
  • ​You receive a ton of reviews, thanks, and social proof
  • Your brand shows up in Google for key profitable phrases
  • You stop worrying about where your next lead will come from
  • ​You wake up to an inbox full of people who are inquiring about your services and products
  • You stop losing clients to your competitors
  • You can ditch the marketing "hustle" and have an evergreen client generation system

Hannah Martin
12+ yr SEO Expert

Hey there! I'm the digital marketing & SEO girl who helps her clients grow their online visibility and traffic through effective marketing strategy. I've spent the past 12 years helping small businesses grow their visibility online...

& I want the same and more for you!

When I started out in the marketing world over 10 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.

But with trial and error, learning and testing with different types of businesses, and building processes, I now have a smorgasboard of strategies to help small businesses grow their online visibility in ways that work for them.

And I want to give them to you!

After working to grow traffic, visibility, and leads for small businesses for 12 years, I've realized 2 things:


There is no secret hack to overnight marketing success.


Small business owners are busy, and with so many shiny marketing objects, they focus on the WRONG things and end up spinning their wheels.

This means...
All of the marketing tactics that small business owners are throwing at the wall, are costing them time and money without building long-term marketing systems.

Instead, small business owners need trackable, proven strategies to bring in new leads and bookings without always having to hustle.

Here's what I've learned WORKS

I have been doing this for a long time, and I can tell you, having an optimized online presence gives small business owners the best long term gains for the effort required, without always having to spin their wheels.

But you MUST have an effective marketing strategy and optimization in place for it to work.
Making sure your brand design and messaging conveys trust and pleases your target audience, not yourself
Building an optimized website foundation and digital presence that forces algorithms to give you more visibility
Sticking with it & installing measurement to analyze the data and see what works to bring you real results
these strategies are what have allowed me to
Get killer results for myself and my clients time and time again
  • ​Getting in front of the right customers at the right time
  • ​Massively increasing website leads in a few short months
  • No longer having to rely on Yelp, Homeadvisor, or friends and family

Ultimately bringing in 40-100 inquiries from their online presence each month:

This site went from no visibility to over 242 keywords ranking
This client went from ~20 website leads per month to over 70
This client went from ~50-60 website leads per month to over 100
200% increases in web forms and phone calls

I see you, smart business owner.

You didn't get into business to become a marketer.
You desperately need marketing blueprints and affordable guidance to learn what works for long-term growth.

But you don't know who to trust, which advice to take, and what strategies to use for your business.

I've got your back with my years of experience distilled down for you.

I’ve put together everything I know into simple, easy to digest lessons and guides that any small business owner can follow or teach their staff to follow, and that every business owner can afford.

And I've put a community behind it, so you can grow alongside other business owners, and get feedback on your plans.
The proven, successful small business path
Learn exactly how I help my small business clients master their online presence and create effective websites and marketing strategies, so their efforts can continue to compound and grow over time

Welcome to...
Create a digital presence that gets you found, using marketing strategies that earn you customers and bookings on repeat - so you can stop begging family and friends for referrals, and stop worrying where your next leads and customers will come from. 
When you join, you get everything you need to
Stand out & build a small business marketing strategy that actually works to earn you inquiries, clients, and bookings on repeat

You'll get instant access to: 

  • 5 Bite-sized modules that walk you through creating a stand-out brand, setting up the digital assets you need for marketing success, and choosing the best marketing strategies for YOUR needs
  • ​An ever-growing resource library of templates, planners & workbooks to shortcut your time and results
  • ​Access to the inner circle Facebook group for accountability and connection with like-minded business owners
  • ​Feedback on your questions in the Facebook inner circle group
  • ​New training, templates, and tools every month
Here's a Sneak Peak
Some Of The Training Goodies Inside
Plus even more videos, planners, and monthly lessons
33+ Page Successful Website Planner & Workbook
(Normally $27)
Interactive Website Content Planner
(Normally $17)

You don't need to...

Read more generic blogs about vague "marketing tips"
Bug your family and friends for referrals
Wonder where your next leads will come from

You just need to master your online presence & build a customized marketing strategy - so you can get your small business in front of more dream clients who love what you do and are already eager to work with you.

Are you ready to get your small business in front of the right people?
This is for you if:
  • You own a small business and you know you're great at what you do, but you need to develop a solid marketing strategy to grow
  • ​You want to learn how to make digital marketing work, without spending thousands of dollars on courses or agencies
  • ​You want to become the #1 business in your area
  • ​You want to optimize your digital presence so you can become the obvious, no-brainer choice for your ideal client, making your competition irrelevant
  • You have no idea where to start with a strategy, but you see your other competitors getting bookings and reviews (even though you know you’re better than them) and you wonder how
  • You want to learn how to create a web presence that gets you found and gets you bookings/sales
  • You want to automate your marketing
  • You need to develop a marketing strategy unique to your business, so you can attract the right clients and get fully booked
  • You want to stop worrying about where your next lead will come from
  • ​You want to wake up to an inbox full of new client inquiries and select who you work with
  • You want to stop losing clients to your competitors
  • You want to ditch the marketing "hustle" and have an evergreen client generation system, knowing you are getting visibility in front of the right people every day
Build a stand-out brand and create a digital presence that gets you found, to earn you customers and bookings on repeat - so you can stop begging family and friends for referrals, and stop worrying where your next leads and customers will come from. 
Frequently asked questions
Q: What do I get?
A complete training portal to help you develop your brand, your marketing strategy, and your online presence, in addition to a community of like-minded, marketing-savvy small business owners.
Q: Who is this best for?
Any small business owners who need to develop a digital marketing strategy to get found by their ideal customers. It will work especially well for local businesses who provide a service.
Q: How much of a time investment is this?
A: You can go through each module at your own pace. Every step you take to improve your marketing strategy no matter how small, is a step that will have lasting impacts. 
Q: When will I get access?
You will get access to the training immediately after signing up, and you will get access to the FB group on business days within 24 hours of requesting access.
Q: Do you offer refunds?
This offer is truly a no-brainer, at just $7. Because the material is immediately accessible, we normally would not provide refunds. However, because I have so much confidence in this, I am offering a 7-day money-back guarantee.
Q: How do I cancel?
Need to cancel? No worries, you're not locked in. Just email us at support [at] for cancellation or membership questions.
Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 
7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

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